Running Shoes at Frontrunner Ashburton

by Karen Low on Dec 02, 2021

Running Shoes at Frontrunner Ashburton

The Frontrunner NZ

Is a brand synonymous with top quality running shoes and sportswear. We source the very best global brands that you have grown to love and trust. Frontrunner is one of New Zealand’s leading sports shoe stockist. The reason being is that our staff our fully trained in getting you the right fit for your next running or training shoe. We understand which shoe will best suit your foot and for what purpose you need the shoe for.

Why do I need a quality pair of running shoes and not just start out using my favourite pair of old sneakers?

There are not too many things to set yourself up with when you start running – it is one of the least expensive sports to participate in. The most important tool in your running tool kit is your shoes. With the guidance from our experienced Frontrunner team, we will identify what type of running you will be participating in i.e. off-road or on road.

To avoid the unnecessary symptoms of shin splints, knee pain and or hip pain, you will need our help in choosing the right fit for you. Our team knows which brands specialise in what areas, so that you can have an easier ride when running.

Below are a few common areas of pain points for our customers that we can give you solutions for.

Stability shoes

Stability shoes are those that are designed for a runner who pronates past the point of neutral. This is known as overpronation, and these shoes are designed with supportive features in the midsole (specifically under the arch area) of the shoe for people who mildly or moderately overpronate. check with an expert to see how you run and help


Neutral shoes 

The neutral running shoes are cushioned shoes that basically don't have motion control features. They are generally lighter compared to stability shoes. ... Neutral running shoes help control the lateral tension inward through the cushion that supports the foot arch.

Motion Control

Motion control running shoes are intended to limit excessive foot motions by decreasing the extent of pronation. They are designed with a medial support that helps improve the stability of the foot and reduces the amount of pronation

Minimilist running shoes

Minimalist running shoes are loosely defined as shoes that, compared to “traditional” running shoes, more closely mimic the way we naturally run when barefoot while still providing some protection from hazards on the ground. ... By contrast, minimalist shoes usually have less than an 8-millimeter drop.

When to Replace Your Shoes

A good pair of fitted running shoes by our frontrunner team should last you anywhere between 350kims to 550kms, depending also on how well you look after the running shoes too. Rotating running shoes will also extend the life of your shoes.

Asics remains one of our top performing running shoe for men. Women and children. Asics specialise in creating specific shoes for various types of running including road running, trail and cross trainers. Asics also put out a fantastic range of netball, tennis and gym shoes. Not forgetting football, hockey and rugby boots.

Apart from Asics, we also love these brands too -  Nike, Adidas and New Balance