Customer Service is not forgotten at Frontrunner Ashburton

by Karen Low on Jan 10, 2022

Customer Service is not forgotten at Frontrunner Ashburton

Frontrunner Ashburton specializes in getting the right our customers fitted into the right shoe. 

There are so many different brands all with different strengths. The team here at Frontrunner Ashburton has been professionally trained to know the benefits and features of each shoe. 

Within a short conversation about your feet and what you will be needing the shoes for, we can instantly determine which brand, size, and style will suit you best.

The engineering and design that go on behind each shoe are mind-boggling. Right down to the composition and thickness of the tread. Every brand has its own secret recipe for the construction of these shoes, and we feel its only right to match the shoes to the activities they were meant for. 

A good example is selecting a running shoe as a netball or tennis shoe. There is no way a running shoe has the firmness and support in the right places that a court shoe will have. Not only can this cause unnecessary injury, but the shoe will also have a very short life span. This will end up as a very costly exercise.

Apart from running shoes, we also carry a great range of sandals, perfect for everyday activities this Summer. Sandals that look cool and comfortable can be a challenge, however, at Frontrunner Ashburton we have a great choice on hand including Birkenstock, Merrel's and not forgetting the ever-popular Nike Slides!

Now is the perfect time to get your school children fitted for this year's school shoes. Recently, there has been more of an emphasis on hard-wearing comfortable shoes for school kids. This makes a lot of sense as school children spend a very long time in the same pair of shoes, and those shoes are expected to do a lot of walking, running, and even climbing for some kids! 

Call on the team again at Frontrunner Ashburton to get your child in the correct fitting shoe, while also allowing for growth. It’s great to have backup from the team when selecting the right shoe, sometime children have other ideas!  - just remember who’s paying so you would want to get it right!